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Hospitality Hygiene & Occupational Safety Training Course (Post-COVID 19)

Developed by EHL faculty and in line with the Swiss competency framework, this course is designed to train Hospitality workers to recognize, evaluate and control health hazards in the hospitality working environment with the objective of:

  • Protecting employee health
  • Safeguarding guests
  • Maintaining the organizations reputation
Personal Hygiene (Level 1) Training

This course aim to raise awareness of key Food Safety topics and provide trainees with an introduction to food hygiene.
Trainees will receive a certificate from Boecker

Award in HACCP Awareness (Level 2) Training

This course aim to provides all food handlers, operatives, and employees with a basic understanding of HACCP theory and practical application. It’s ideal for those employees working in food manufacturing, catering or retail, as well as those who work indirectly with food (i.e., food packaging and delivery).
Trainees receive a certificate from Boecker

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A solid foundation for a lifetime of success, Bunyan is a conducive and hospitable learning environment. Established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our organization’s driving purpose is to provide an innovative home for excellence in diverse fields, through delivering high quality education, elite training services, and professional certifications, in collaboration with global partners.


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All degrees are accredited by Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne EHL, which is recognized as a Swiss University of Applied Science and which has an American (NECHE) accreditation.

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Students of Bunyan benefit from our established partnership with hospitality industry leaders and is accredited to various academic bodies; including Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne for our tourism, hospitality and entertainment programs and our executive programs.

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Our News

In pursuit of empowering the hospitality and food & beverage sectors “Qoot” and “Bunyan” sign an agreement to establish Qoot Academy in Riyadh

The Restaurants and Cafes Association “Qoot” signed a joint working agreement with Bunyan for Training Company, which aims to establish, manage and operate Qoot Academy in Riyadh, which seeks to provide leading solutions for professional and specialized empowerment of...

Localization Solution in the Hospitality & Tourism Sector

On Thursday, December 5th, 2019, Bunyan for Vocational Training Company successfully held its first annual forum, titled “Localization Solution in the Hospitality & Tourism Sector”, at the University of Prince Muqrin, in Madinah. The forum was sponsored by the...

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