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In pursuit of empowering the hospitality and food & beverage sectors “Qoot” and “Bunyan” sign an agreement to establish Qoot Academy in Riyadh

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May 13th, 2020

The Restaurants and Cafes Association “Qoot” signed a joint working agreement with Bunyan for Training Company, which aims to establish, manage and operate Qoot Academy in Riyadh, which seeks to provide leading solutions for professional and specialized empowerment of the hospitality, tourism, and food & beverage sectors through the qualification of the human element, and provide trained cadres to work in this vital sector in order to build and develop skills for all levels of employees entrepreneurs in this field, and graduates of these disciplines from academic colleges concerned with the hospitality and tourism management sectors in general. The agreement was signed by the chief executive, Prince Walid bin Nasser Al Saud, while Bunyan was represented in the signing by its Chairman, Dr. Ghassan bin Ahmed Al-Sulaiman.

Prince Walid bin Nasser Al Saud, Chief executive officer of Qoot Association of Restaurants & Cafes, said that the association seeks to support the restaurant sector and cafes and those interested in it, through an integrated package of initiatives, projects and programs, in cooperation with the relevant government agencies to enable the sector to grow and sustain. It is one of the associations accredited by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and was established in 2019 by a group of owners of major restaurants and cafés with an initiative aimed at establishing an association dedicated to supporting, developing and grow the restaurant and café sector within Saudi Arabia on innovative administrative and technical bases, in partnership with the General Foundation for Technical and Vocational Training, the Human Resources Development Fund and the employment sectors, in addition to identifying the challenges and problems facing entrepreneurs in this sector and opening the exchange of experiences and experiences in the field of investment.

The CEO of Bunyan, Eng. Nabil Tuker, also explained that the Academy is one of the joint social responsibility programs that translates the objectives of The Kingdom Vision 2030 to promote this vital sector, improve its performance and enhance the work in the areas of hospitality, tourism, retail, technology, and any other related areas. He added that “Bunyan” works through this agreement to achieve one of its objectives in the development and delivery of professional training programs to qualify national competencies in the fields of hospitality and tourism in partnership with the University of Lausanne Hotel in Switzerland, classified as the best universities in the world in this field, and revealed that the agreement includes the operation of any other branches of the Academy within Saudi Arabia in accordance with the latest scientific systems and methods used in management and operation, and in accordance with the instructions and requirements of the relevant entities within the Kingdom and in order to ensure the provision of professional services to customers

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